US Virgin Islands (USVI)

Of course, every trip with V.I.B.E. Charters is customized to make your St Thomas boat charter the perfect experience for YOU!  Here are a few of our favorite places to visit in the US Virgin Islands.


St John - It would be easy to spend your entire day entirely on and around St John.  From beautiful snorkel spots to secluded beaches to the laid back restaurants and bars of Cruz Bay, there is definitely something for everyone.  On the North Side, beaches like Honeymoon, Hawksnest and Maho offer white sand and designated swimming areas.  Fantastic snorkeling with abundant fish and beautiful corals can be found at Leinster Bay and Waterlemon Cay while Trunk Bay offers an interesting snorkel trail within the National Park.

Along the South Side, numerous snorkel spots are also available.  Salt Pond Bay features a huge rock formation hosting a wide variety of large fish.  Because it is close to open water, you can often see some of the more uncommon species of fish.  Right around the corner from Salt Pond Bay are Big and Little Lameshur Bay.  This is a grass area with where you can often find turtles, sting rays and lots of conch.

Many of our trips involve a lunch stop in Cruz Bay which offers a wide variety of dining options from water front beach bars to unique island style fair.


Buck Island - Buck Island is best known as a fantastic snorkel destination.  Turtle Cove, as the name implies, is a wonderful place to spot a large number of sea turtles.  In addition to turtles, you can often spot sting rays and a number of other tropical fish species.  Shipwreck Cove is home to the wreck of the Cartanza Senora, a 190 foot cargo vessel that was originally sunk in St Thomas harbor but was later relocated near Buck Island.  The Cartanza Senora was then moved to her current location by Hurricane Hugo.


Great St James (Christmas Cove) - Christmas Cove on

Great St James is another snorkel stop that is a great place to spot numerous sea turtles.  Also, Christmas Cove is the home of Pizza Pi, a floating Pizza Boat.  We can call or radio in your order and they'll let you know when it's ready to be picked up or have it delivered right to the boat!


Little St James -  Little St James is a private island with an interesting story attached to it.  There is a very nice snorkel with lots of coral and a great variety of tropical fish.  Try to find the cow on the island!


Lovango Cay - Lovango Cay has two amazing snorkel spots.  The south side of the Cay has numerous coral heads that each have their own habitat and large variety of sea life surrounding them.  On the north side, between Lovango Cay and Congo Cay, the water is incredibly clear and offers a nice, shallow water snorkel.  There is also a small beach that is often completely empty.  Be sure to ask your captain how Lovango Cay got its name!